Brooklyn WorkShop

"Built From The Ground Up"

Brooklyn Workshop was founded based on necessity and obsession. Skating is life in New York City, and the streets destroy skate shoes as fast as they destroy egos. We knew that if we could make a shoe that survived longer, there would be a demand from the countless skaters around the world that are just as frustrated about how long typical skate shoes last. From our fourth floor loft workshop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we set out to find a solution.

Countless hours of testing revealed the weak points of standard vulcanized shoes, and we set out to remedy them. Slowly but surely, we built a better shoe that reinforces at all the right points while maintaining proper board feel and comfort throughout. We developed a proprietary formula for the vulcanized rubber that lasts longer, while retaining its grip and softness. Last but not least, we collaborated with famed shoe designer Michael Ditullo on the new mid-top design. After spending nearly a decade as a head designer developing collections for Nike, Converse and Jordan brands, Michael stepped in to help us wrap all of our tech into a clean, classic design with sharp, refined details.

With the introduction of the low-tops a year ago we proved we could make a longer lasting shoe, and couldn’t be happier with the grassroots level buzz it created. We’re proud to release our second edition Elby shoe and thankful to everyone who has supported our quest to build a better skate shoe.